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Bottled Water: The Craze

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Started in 1989 as a service company, we understand the importance of excellent customer service. Without our customers, we would not exist! It is this drive for excellence that allows us to give you the type of service you deserve! The dedicated, professional staff at Water Wizard™ looks forward to the opportunity to meet with you and explain the benefits of installing a custom tailored water system in your home or office.

Most people today are concerned with the taste, quality, and effectiveness of the water they use and consume. At Water Wizard™, we cater to this concern with a full line of Water Purification Solutions. Our products are divided into Residential and Commercial lines to better serve the unique needs of each customer.



  • Approximately 70% of your body is made of water.

  • 85% of the gray matter of the brain is water.

  • Water is important to equalizing temperature throughout the body.

  • Water serves as a lubricant for moving surfaces such as joints, the heart and intestines.

  • Water dissolves or holds in suspension other materials in protoplasm.

  • The sense organs of equilibrium depend on the presence of water.

  • Sound is conducted through the inner ear by liquid.

  • The transparency of the media of the eye to light is maintained by water.

  • Water (cerebrospinal fluid) serves as a cushion for the brain and cord.

  • Water moistens the surface of the lungs for gas diffusion.

  • Water is the medium for digestion, absorption, metabolism, secretion, and excretion.

West Michigan

Water Wizard™ specializes in the sale, rental, and service of water conditioners, reverse osmosis systems, iron removal, and water coolers. Water Wizard™ is locally owned and operated and serves all of West Michigan. We look forward to providing for your WATER NEEDS!

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